How to find a bridal makeup artist that’s perfect for you!

You’re engaged, congratulations!! Whether you’ve just been proposed to and starting your planning journey, or the wedding is coming fast and it’s time to get the finger out… you know you need to find a bridal makeup artist asap and lock them down! There are lots of aspects to consider before paying deposits and signing contracts, so here are my tips to make sure you get the right bridal makeup artist for you.

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The first thing to consider when trying to find a bridal makeup artist, is where the service sits in your wedding and budget priorities. This is a great tip for general planning! Make sure you know what aspects matter most to you, what you don’t care about and where makeup sits within it. This means you know just how much of your budget you’re willing to spend. For some people the main bits are music, food and dancing, for others its flowers, photography and styling or a million alternative combinations of the different parts that make up the whole day. Lots of suppliers, makeup or otherwise, don’t advertise their prices and you have to get quotes to know what the costs are. For bridal makeup, you’re probably looking at a lowest cost of £50 per person with the higher end being up to £150 per person. Costs can be wildly varied depending on the location and experience of the artist, the kit they use and their own personal circumstances. Generally speaking most makeup artists are self employed so their prices will be very carefully considered, but they’re not an exact representation of skill or experience. A £80 per face artist isn’t necessarily *better* than a £60 per face artist. For an average booking of 5 wedding day makeups, a trial and travel you’ll be looking at anything from £300 to £1,000. That is a significant variation, which is why it’s important to…

Decide what you want from your bridal makeup artist

What is it about bridal makeup that concerns you the most? Do you want to look glam or natural? Do you want a particular style like dewy skin or vintage makeup? All makeup artists *should* be able to cover all types of makeup styles but they’ll specialise in a look that’s individual to them. Maybe you’re not overly concerned with the makeup style but you’re nervous about having your makeup done or you have an anxious mum. This could mean that the personality of your artist is of high importance so you know you’ll need someone who can help you feel at ease and help you stay calm on the morning of your wedding. In that case you’ll want to find someone who can give you the time and space to develop the bride-artist relationship in the run up to the wedding day. If you or someone in your bridal party has very sensitive skin or a skin condition, you will want assurances that your makeup artist has experience in this area.

Once you have a list of keywords that are important to you, start looking them up on Instagram, Pinterest, Google, etc. To find a bridal makeup artist you might search for “sensitive skin wedding makeup artist glasgow” or “glam bridal MUA Edinburgh” for starters. Remember when googling that you’ll be thrown up the top 5-10 pages over and over again but there are literally hundreds, possibly thousands of makeup artists in Scotland alone, so don’t rely completely on Google. Instagram hashtags are a great way to find what you’re looking for. Also ask your other suppliers for recommendations too. Makeup artist, hair stylists and photographers are the wedding morning trifecta and there’s a good chance if you’ve booked a relaxed, boho photographer, they’ll know a relaxed, boho makeup/hair artist too. 

At this point, give yourself lots of time to browse through artists. Look at their websites and bookmark the ones you like, go down an Instagram rabbit hole and take your time to let it all sink in. I know it’s so easy to get really excited and impatient to find the right artist but make sure you’ve had a good look around, and then…

Get quotes and ask lots of questions!

As I’ve mentioned already, lots of wedding suppliers don’t advertise their prices so you’ll need to contact them to get a cost and find out if your date is available. Don’t be shy to contact as many suppliers as you want. In this industry we’re completely used to initial enquiries, there’s no pressure to follow up with it and no-one will give you a row for asking 20 makeup artists if they’re available. Give them time to respond! I know these days we all want what we want straight away, but during busier periods it can take up to a week for some suppliers to get through their enquiries. 

If someone has your date free and you’re happy with their prices, follow up with your questions and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. How much time do they need on the morning of the wedding? Will they stay till you’re ready to get married or do they leave as soon as they’ve finished the makeup? What are their payment terms? What if you change your mind or the number of makeups changes drastically after booking? When do they want you to have a trial and can you have one before deciding to book? Having someone you’ve only met a handful of times come into your personal space on one of the most important (and possibly stressful) days of your life can really affect how the rest of your day goes. It is completely within your rights to find out as much as you want to, to make sure they’re the right artist for you. You need to know you’ll gel together and that they’ve got the right vibe for you.

Time to book baby!

So you’ve figured out what is important to you. You’ve found the right person, asked all your questions and you’re happy with the cost. Nail down your deposit and contracts ASAP! While I absolutely advocate for taking your time to shop around and know what you’re getting, if you’ve found the right person for you, don’t hang around securing the booking. Most makeup artists don’t hold dates for enquiries. The sheer volume of enquiries coming in make it impossible and we can’t take the risk of ending up with too many unbooked dates. If you linger too long you could easily lose the booking so don’t forget to get the last bit done.

And now you have a wonderful bridal makeup artist who is going to make you feel confident and gorgeous. Well done! If you have questions about wedding makeup or the booking process, drop me an email and I’ll give you as much help as I can. 

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