Mid-Week Wedding Bliss at Gleddoch House Hotel

Choosing to have a midweek wedding isn’t just about getting married on a tighter budget. Shaking off the tradition of a weekend wedding gives you the mental freedom to drop other traditions too that don’t resonate with you. That’s exactly what Sarah and Scott did earlier this year when they chose to get married on a Monday in March at Gleddoch House Hotel. From including the Groom’s family in the bridal prep to having a Bride’s speech, this happy couple made every part of the day truly their own.

Now that the dust has settled and the honeymoon is over, I caught up with Sarah last week to get some gossip about her wedding day. Sarah had been coming to me for skincare treatments for 6 months before her wedding so I got to hear about her planning journey first hand during these sessions (more on Sarah’s skincare in the next blog). As a wedding supplier who leaves when the ceremony starts, we rarely get a glimpse of what happens after the wedding starts, so it was such a joy to hear about how the rest of the day went.

Planning a mid-week wedding begins!

Scott is a chef, so when the wedding planning started, having an outstanding wedding breakfast was top of the list. They both found this in Gleddoch House Hotel in Port Glasgow. Amazing food wasn’t the only reason to pick this venue. Both Sarah and Scott loved the scenery and having access to the beautiful grounds around the hotel. Knowing that they would be the only wedding taking place that day also gave them peace of mind and the feeling of luxury they were looking for. But the real decider was the view across the Clyde with the Trossachs National Park in the distance.

With Scott’s work demanding long days and weekend shifts, most of the planning was left to Sarah, which suited her just fine. As a Business Development Manager, Sarah was more than up to the task of putting the day together and making quick decisions. Music was important to both of the couple though, so they made sure to have a date night every Sunday, where they could pick songs and make playlists together.

On the morning of the wedding…

The space for hair and makeup on the morning of the wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. A large table in front of a bay window for me, so that I got lots of natural light. And a dressing table with mirror and plug points for Gillian from Pin Up Hair. Sarah and I had a couple of makeup appointments before the big day to pick her ideal look. We knew that Sarah would want to be glam so we tried soft, dark eyes first but decided to go with the second look of lighter but more sculpted eye shape. This kept the look timeless and trend free. As always, the face makeup was airbrushed on so that there was no weight or cakiness on the skin. Gillian’s work was gorgeous as ever, giving Sarah soft Hollywood waves to complete the glamorous look.

Mark Keogh was on hand to take all the beautiful pictures included in this article. Mark was great company during the morning, sharing lots of stories and tips for the bridal team. He also put up with all of mine and Gillian’s stories, as we hair and makeup artists are notoriously chatty. Sarah was so excited to tell me that Mark’s work had recently been featured in Vogue! There aren’t many brides who can boast that their wedding pictures were taken by such a high calibre artist.

Time to get married!

When it was time to head off and get married, the bridesmaids headed down the aisle first. Sarah did such a good job of psyching herself up for her entrance that she nearly bolted down the aisle to her future husband. Scott was expecting a nod from someone to let him know Sarah was coming but the nod never came. So he got a bit of a fright when he looked round and saw Sarah right behind him. 

The ceremony was presided over by Claire the Humanist who, by the sounds of it, was on top form in her signature cutting wit and warmth. I’ve been lucky enough to attend a wedding and see Claire in action first hand so I was delighted to hear that’s who Sarah had picked. Sarah and Scott were both so impressed with how much Claire made their ceremony all about them and their story. She was able to really bring out all the warmth and humour in this couple, describing Scott as a crusty baguette, hard on the outside but warm and soft on the inside.

After signing the register to Stevie Wonder’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered, it was time to get some pictures taken. Unfortunately the Scottish weather was true to form and it rained all day so Sarah decided to have group and guest shots in front of “the funky wallpaper” (her words). The weather didn’t deter her and Scott though, they headed out armed with umbrellas to get that fantastic view.

Speech! Speech! Speech!

After their fantastic meal, and the speeches were taking place, Sarah took the mic to make a speech of her own. When I asked her what made her choose to do a speech, she said it felt old fashioned to expect Scott to speak for both of them. She wanted to greet her guests and thank all of their family as well as her husband. I love seeing brides take ownership of their own story on their wedding day. The neon sign that the couple have over their seats at their top table is now a permanent fixture in their living room, a lovely keepsake of their wedding day. 

After the newlyweds had their first dance, the guests were shocked when Trav SAXINGH appeared as if from nowhere with his saxophone! This was Sarah’s last surprise for her guests and meant the party got started right away. No nervous lingering by the bar for these attendees!

When the mid-week party is over

Sarah and Scott, very wisely, decided to extend their stay at Gleddoch from the Sunday before the wedding and checked out on Wednesday. They both wanted to enjoy the break from reality and make use of the jacuzzi in their room, before heading to the Maldives for a fabulous 10 day honeymoon. 

Congratulations Sarah and Scott!

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Other supplier not already mentioned;
Videographer – Focas Films
DJ – Tartan Entertainment
Flowers – Mud Urban
Stationary – Creative Peach
Room Decoration – Purple Willow
Dress – Bijoux Bridal

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