Is airbrushing the key to having simple wedding makeup?

A makeup artist uses and airbrush to apply simple makeup

All cards on the table, and spoiler alert, the answer is yes, airbrush makeup is the key to nailing a simple wedding makeup! Don’t click away just yet though, let me explain why;

What is a simple wedding makeup?

This is different for everyone. Simple might mean the smallest amount of product that a client can have on their eyes and skin to prepare for professional photography. To another it might mean staying close to their personal daily routine of concealer, bronzer and mascara. And to yet another person, it’s a full face of Double Wear (the thickest foundation known to man) and lippy. Ultimately, a simple makeup is whatever feels straight forward and unfussy to the individual client.

So how does airbrush makeup make it simple?

Almost every single makeup product you can think of can be applied with an airbrush. The only exceptions I know of are mascara and lipstick (understandably!). Personally, I recommend not using airbrush for the eye area but a quick google search will bring up lots of people doing their eyeshadow, liner, brows, even touching up the roots of their hair! When I first trained in makeup over a decade ago the airbrush machines were so bulky and heavy that they were wheeled around on trolleys, reminiscent of the school TVs when you were allowed to watch a video on the last day of term (for those that remember VHS). Since then, the technology has advanced hugely and the systems most bridal makeup artists now use for airbrushing are small, wireless, handheld devices. My little airbrush machine allows me to switch quickly and effortlessly between all the different types of product needed to create your version of a simple makeup for your wedding day.

The way that airbrushing works also keeps the whole process of makeup application simple and easy. All the products are in liquid form so that they can be misted onto the skin. The foundation/bronzer/blush goes straight from the bottle into the well of the machine and is then sprayed directly onto the skin with compressed air. The products are never touched with hands or brushes so the cleanliness of the product is second to none. Blending between products is done with the machine using different levels of pressure so once a product has been applied, there’s no rubbing, stippling or smooshing on the skin. This is a god send for anyone who has sensitive or reactive skin who is prone to redness at the slightest touch.

The true simplicity of airbrushing is how adaptable it is for every type of look. It can be applied in thin, sheer layers for a barely there, natural makeup look, or built up to mimic heavy matt foundations. Whatever coverage or finish you like to your makeup, it will feel like there’s nothing on your skin. You won’t need to touch it up throughout the day or night, even through the happy tears and happy feet on the dancefloor.

The magic of airbrushing truly needs to be tried to be believed. Book a makeup appointment for your next event here!

See airbrush makeup in action for Kim & Ryan’s wedding.