When is the RIGHT time to have your wedding makeup trial?

It’s that time of the year when life is starting to wake up again. Spring has finally sprung and for wedding suppliers, this means that couples are starting to focus on their wedding plans. Whether it’s getting ready for a wedding this year, or the early stage planning for a year or two ahead. The question I’m being asked most often right now is, when should I book my wedding makeup trial?

As with all questions around wedding plans and makeup, there is no hard and fast rule that suits everyone. There will be a right answer for you though, so let’s go through a few different options to consider what the best time for you to book a trial is.

Ailsa Doc gives a demonstration of a wedding makeup trial

Having a Makeup Trial Before Booking the Wedding

Although it’s not particularly common, it is possible to have a trial bridal makeup before you book with a makeup artist. This is a good option for someone who is unsure about whether they want to have their makeup done in the first place. If you’ve never had a professional makeup application before, this might be a good option to see what all the fuss is about and then decide if that’s something you want to invest in for your big day. Some people are extremely fussy about their makeup (and that’s fine!) and will have trials with lots of makeup artists to make sure they get the right person for them. The drawback to this option is that wedding suppliers don’t hold dates for enquiries, the date will continue to be available to everyone until someone puts a deposit down and signs the contract. So your date may be gone by the time you’ve had your trial and made a decision.

Booking a Trial 6 Months to 1 Year in Advance

This is definitely the biggest time gap I see between wedding day and trial, and I would say there are two reasons to have your makeup trial this far in advance. Firstly, it might be that you’ve booked your makeup artist and you just want to check, sooner rather than later, that you’ve made the right decision and you’re going to love their style. This is fairly common and it tends to happen with brides who I’ve been recommended to but they haven’t seen my work in real life. The second reason is usually for an event, like a Christmas party or birthday night out. Having your trial done for an event is a great idea! It gives you a really good run through of how your look translates from day to night, how well it holds up to some dancefloor shenanigans and (sometimes) some unfortunate weather. If you do have your trial this far in advance then it’s very possible that you’ll change your mind about the specific look you want for your wedding day. Lots of other decisions have to be made in that time (I’ll get on to this in the next bit) and they may affect your makeup look choices. And that’s ok! If you’ve now built up a good rapport with your artist then you’ll feel confident that they can deliver exactly what you want on the wedding morning. If you did change your mind and wanted another trial closer to the day, that’s ok too.

My Perfect Time to Have a Wedding Trial Makeup

My personal opinion on the best time to have a wedding makeup trial, is roughly 4 months before the wedding day. This is less to do with the specific amount of time though and more about where it fits in with your other plans. Hair and makeup are the only parts of your wedding plans that can be altered right up to the minute you leave to get married. For this reason, I advise all my clients to wait until all the other style choices have been set in stone. This means you’ve picked your dress and the bridesmaids dresses. You’ve sent your colour scheme and inspiration pictures to your florist. You’ve agreed on a design with your cake maker and you’ve chosen some jewellery and a veil style. I’m sure there are lots of other decisions to add to that list but you get the jist. Once those decisions are made then you can see how it all comes together in a makeup look. On the other side of this, I don’t advise brides to have a trial too close to their wedding day if they can help it. The last few weeks before your wedding will be very busy at best, and quite stressful at worst. You want to enjoy your trial! It’s a real treat and feels like the pampering session you need. The last thing you want is to feel like you can’t relax during that hour or two because you’re worrying about who’ll pick up the dresses or if you’ve remembered to cancel that hotel room your guest doesn’t need anymore. Give yourself the time to enjoy every minute, you deserve it!

Having a Last Minute Trial in the Weeks Before Your Wedding

Sometimes this is unavoidable. If you’re a bride travelling to Scotland for your wedding, you probably won’t have the opportunity to have a trial until you get here. You might have won the wedding planning lottery, and your artist just happens to be free on the day of your hen party the month before your wedding. If you’ve decided to have a last minute wedding or you eloped and are planning a home reception quite soon then you might also have a trial close to your wedding day. There really isn’t an issue with this if it’s what suits you. The biggest and best advice for any of these scenarios is that you book the trial date at the same time as the wedding day. Tell your makeup artist from the very beginning what dates you need so they can make sure they are free and you don’t end up disappointed.

Ultimately, when you want to book your trial is up to you. You will know what makes you feel the most comfortable and excited. Go with your gut feeling, it won’t let you down.

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